What is our story?

Our path in the swinger world begins more than 16 years ago; After several trips around Europe and America, Marcel realized that in other countries the liberal environment lived differently, the clubs had a dance floor and gave off an air of freedom, which in Spanish clubs did not exist, it is then I think because a liberal club had to be hidden, behind a small door and a tiny light bulb to be discreet, What glamor had that, so indecent was to go to a liberal club? The mentality in Spain was changing and Marcel realized that change.

It was then that Marcel decided to import the liberal-style atmosphere of French nights from Cap d'agde to Salou. Chatelet was the first liberal club in Spain, the first swinger club in Spain to have a dance floor.

Since then many have followed in the footsteps of Chatelet.

Times have changed, it's time to take off the masks!


The Swinger movement and adultery

It's time to take off the mask. Let us recognize it; Since time immemorial there has been infidelity within marriage or couple relationship. It does not matter what religions, morals or "decent" customs of one time or another say, the truth is that it has been common for a couple, married or not, to decide at some point to go in Looking for something that satisfies an appetite that, being natural, has usually been considered as sinful or inconvenient and that for many reasons (annoyance, incompatibility, difference of temper, etc.) does not find in the couple. This was much more true in men than in women, although women are not far behind. This has given rise to comedies, dramas, tragedies and even wars ... but already at the beginning of a new millennium that has been signified by unsuspected advances in all areas of human life, could this point be left unchallenged or addressed? And the contradictory: Puritans and moralists defend the traditional concept of fidelity - although many, in fact, hypocritically and surreptitiously inflict it - as one who defends a right to property; That is, being "loved" is actually seen as something that can not be borrowed or given to another because it loses value; On the other hand, if two beings wish to commit themselves to a total and absolute fidelity from one to the other-and vice versa-for life, no one can deny that it is something plausible and even admirable, as long as This fidelity is also in total and absolute freedom. But everyday reality is different; In our society, young people are forced, at the time of marriage, to exchange vows for life at an age in which many of the ideas and notions are not totally affirmed and much less freely chosen, but rather obey Education, customs and social pressure. But people change over the years and with life, and what we will think tomorrow is not exactly what we think today. What then to do with a commitment that becomes a tedious and heavy burden? It is when many opt for an exit that from the outset, they have described as immoral: adultery, deceiving the couple. This is where the swinger movement, the movement of the range of movement, or redundancy, enters the scene in the sexual behavior of couples and marriages. Because a natural consequence of adopting this different morality and with it the lifestyle that it brings is the end of infidelity. And with it, adultery also ends. Some will sound strange, but the true swinger hates adultery. To adulterate (from the Latin adulterare = to alter, to falsify, to dishonor) is to change illegitimatically and unilaterally the nature, the true sense of some previous commitment; There are sacred covenants such as friendship, paternity or maternity and of course marriage. When one of the spouses violates the word committed ("I will be faithful to you, I will not have carnal contact with anyone other than you") falls into adultery, and this not only covers the sexual part of the couple but can understand any point that both Agree and agree, whether it is not to dance or go to the movies with someone other than the couple. But what happens when this agreement is reviewed and both spouses reach a new agreement, where they contemplate, respect and accept the true nature of each person, without deception, without folds? Adultery is not such.

Almost by logical definition, the swinger is someone who enjoys the maximum of his freedom, exercised with total respect for the integrity of others, starting with the couple. By putting morale where it should be, in the heart and mind, and removing it from the genital area and the endocrine system, the swinger movement begins by accepting the natural inclinations of every human person, without detriment at all to ethics. When a couple or couple begins to openly talk about their preferences, concerns and sexual fantasies among themselves, it is when a total empathy between the two spouses or grooms is generated, because by accepting their own appetites and inclinations in front of the couple, Of his consort. And as a consequence, that's when the end of infidelity comes.

 Just as we have different tastes and appetites in other things, in the sexual we do not all feel the same sexual impulse and many times we discover that the being with which we connect so much in different areas of human happening, in others we simply tend to be divergent and manifest Preferences. And the other side for the cooling of the relationships of pair: The boredom. No matter how much a person likes something, if that is given over and over and over again, it will inevitably come the time you seek - many times without saying anything to the couple diversification of what has pleased him so much, without this meaning To reject it totally or that it has stopped to like it. Why wait all this? The reasonable thing is to talk, to reason ... and to agree. By rethinking things, and in the face of the evidence of the true intimate nature of both spouses, it is not only feasible but also that it is desirable to reach a new agreement, a pact that can really be respected by both parties and is, from Of that moment, and by mutual agreement between the two spouses, when any sexual act of the two even with a different person becomes intrinsically an activity of the couple, both acting actively or one actively and the other passively, but tacitly both Always present for the simple fact that the "adventure" of the husband or wife is part of a pact, part of a commitment of love, acceptance and full understanding. This, in addition, that itch of the curiosity by the new thing, by the different thing. After all, the human being is an explorer by nature. And some people like to experience more than others. As in so many other things, the unexpected, the different and why not? Something that turns out to be freshly exciting, is usually the best recipe to fight boredom. Having the permission of the spouse to explore and expand the boundaries of each person's sexuality, infidelity loses its raison d'être, it becomes totally unnecessary. In its place will be the total acceptance of the loved one and it is at that moment when the promise to seek the happiness of the beloved couple can become reality. Of course, in order to defeat this moribund morality which has precipitated hypocrisy and deception against so many men and women, it is necessary first to defeat the unhealthy demon of jealousy. Many people openly admit that jealousy is nothing but insecurity, but nevertheless, how difficult it has been for many to shed that low and sickly passion. When the search for personal pleasure is based on the search for the pleasure of the loved one, there is no place for jealousy, because these are the clearest symptom of an egoism that is incapable of putting the well-being of the one who is said to love; That is, love for oneself is much greater than love for the other person. And that is not true love.

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